Meet the Team – London

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Adam Johnson (AJ) РSenior Sales Resourcer 7

Described by his colleague as a chatterbox Adam or ‘AJ’ as he’s known if the office is Primes’ Senior Sales Resourcer in London this means he is responsible for managing client and candidate relationships, moreover it is also his job to: source candidates, finding them job roles as well as training and preparing them for interviews.


What’s your favourite song? Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

What’s your favourite film? Guardians of the Galaxy or The Butterfly Effect

What’s your worst fear? Having a catch up booked in my calendar by Nicole Plinston

Describe yourself in one word? Goofball

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Harriet Holyfield – Sales Recruiterpicture-200

Harriet is a Sales recruiter at Prime meaning she is key in sourcing talent and placing them in job roles. She worked in Primes Manchester office for over a year before taking her talents over to Prime London.

What’s your favourite song? You’ve Got the Love by Florence and the Machine

What’s your favourite film? Dirty Dancing

What’s your worst fear? Spiders

Describe yourself in one word? Mumble

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