Meet the Team – London

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Joe Leggat – Team Leader

Willing to eat anything and always cracking jokes around the office, Joe moved easily into his 360 recruitment role where he now manages key client accounts and candidate relationships. On top of this, he is also responsible for training candidates and finding them their perfect career in sales and recruitment.  He also currently holds the record for the most deals made in a month.

Joe is prone to making random silly noises in the office, but his more regular habits include listening to indie music and playing lacrosse. As well as this, he has a strong sweet addiction (though he is attempting to crack down on it.)


What’s your favourite song? Dare by Gorrilaz

What’s your favourite film? Leon the Professional

What’s your worst fear? Wasps

Describe yourself in one word? Animated

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Harriet Holyfield – Sales Recruiter

Harriet is a Sales recruiter at Prime meaning she is key in sourcing talent and matching candidates to the highly sought after sales and recruitment opportunities that she has with her clients. After graduating with a Biology degree from Man Met she found her way to Prime’s Manchester office and secured herself a position in the Prime team. She worked in the Manchester office for over a year before taking her talents over to Prime London.

A massive foodie and a woman of many bizarre talents, Harriet is a key member of the team down at Prime London. Outside of the office she is a big gin drinker and a lover of dogs.

What’s your favourite song? You’ve Got the Love by Florence and the Machine

What’s your favourite film? Dirty Dancing

What’s your worst fear? Spiders

Describe yourself in one word? Mumble

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Adam Johnson (AJ) – Sales Recruiter

Described by his colleagues as a chatterbox, Adam or ‘AJ’ as he’s known in the office, is a Sales recruiter in Prime’s London office, meaning he is responsible for managing client and candidate relationships. Moreover, it is also his responsibility to source candidates, find them suitable career opportunities and help them prepare for interviews.

After finishing his masters at Middlesex University in Sport Injury Rehabilitation, AJ decided recruitment was the career for him. His interests include exploring London, going for (lots of) drinks with friends and, as he is currently living with a chef, he has taken up cooking as a hobby.


What’s your favourite song? Snow (Hey Oh) by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

What’s your favourite film? Guardians of the Galaxy or The Butterfly Effect

What’s your worst fear? Having a ‘catch up’ booked in my calendar by Nicole Plinston

Describe yourself in one word? Goofball

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Jamie Ferguson –  Sales Resourcer

After graduating from Northumbria University with a degree in Criminology, Jamie joined the Prime London team as a Sales Resourcer. In this role she seeks out London’s best graduate talent and then helps them to find their ideal sales career.

Described by her friends as a freak on a night out Jamie is a fan of her funk and disco music, as well as the gym. Before realising her talents lay in the world of sales and recruitment, Jamie was once a bit of a musician, being able to play both the drums and guitar. As well as this she is also a massive foodie, and in her own words “loves a big fat Indian.”

What’s your favourite song? My Girl by Temptations

What’s your favourite film? Prisoners

What’s your worst fear? Stickers

Describe yourself in one word? Weird

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Martin (Mart) Brabin – Sales Resourcer

Straight out of the University of Liverpool, and Oxford born and bred, Martin has also joined the Prime London team as a Sales Resourcer. After graduating with a 2:1 in Geography, Mart went on to complete a Masters in Management, before deciding to put down the rocks for good, and pick up the phones instead!

When he’s not in work, Mart can be found down at the pub watching the footie and swigging a pint of Stella. He is also a fan of Everton football club, Italian food, Tennis and any music under the sun.

What’s your favourite song? Live Forever by Oasis

What’s your favourite film? Snatch

What’s your worst fear? Snakes

Describe yourself in one word? Happy

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