Meet the Team – Manchester

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Kyle Gallagher (AKA KG, AKA Giz, AKA Gizlar, AKA Dad) – Team Managerpicture1

The one Gallagher brother that had no musical talent… Primes’ Kyle Gallagher is both the king of nicknames and the king of recruitment and sales. After graduating from Sheffield Hallam University with a 2:1 in business and marketing Kyle was Prime’s first ever employee back in 2014 and has grown into an essential part of the team.  Now Kyle is a team manager at Prime and as well as this he is responsible for managing both candidate and client relationships.

Kyle is a strong Manchester United fan, he also loves a glass of red wine and all kinds of food. He is also a fan of his indie bands such as: Oasis, Blossoms and Courteeners (he gets especially upset if you insult Courteeners in front of him.)


What’s your favourite song? Talk Tonight by Oasis

What’s your favourite film? Class of 92   

What’s your worst fear? No toilet roll

Describe yourself in one word? Impulsive

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Christina Brooke – Team Leaderpic500

Graduating with a 2:1 in Journalism from Salford University. Christina made her way to Prime in 2016 and in 2017 was promoted to Team Leader. As well as recruiting candidates and managing client and candidate relationships, she looks after Primes’ key accounts on our sales desk.

A massive Manchester United fan when not in work Christina is a fan of visiting her family in her hometown of Devon and is partial to a few ciders and the odd game of pool (she also thinks she’s the best in the office.)


What’s your favourite song? Bigmouth Strikes Again by The Smiths

What’s your favourite film? American Psycho

What’s your worst fear? Flying

Describe Yourself in one word? Loud

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Nick Gandhi – Senior Sales Recruiter 1

The Gandhi man can. A fan of funky shirts and football Nick is Primes’ Senior Sales Recruiter meaning he is key in matching clients with candidates and managing company relationships. A true force to be reckoned with when it comes to his job Nick eats, lives and breathes sales and recruitment and achieves killer results because of it.

When he’s not in work mode Nick is a fan of Manchester United and is constantly being grilled by the team for his poor food and fashion tastes but we love him anyway.


What’s your favourite song? Midnight City by M83

What’s your favourite film? The Matrix   

What’s your worst fear? Carrots

Describe yourself in one word? Awkwardcoolguy

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Joe Leggat – Senior Sales Recruiterpicture101

Willing to eat anything and always cracking jokes around the office Joe moved easily into his 360-recruitment role where he now manages relationships with clients as well as candidates. On top of this he is responsible for training candidates and getting them job roles in sales and recruitment, currently he holds the record for the most deals made in a month.

Joe is also prone to making random silly noises in the office, but his more regular habits include: listening to indie music and playing lacrosse, as well as this he has a strong sweet addiction (though he is attempting to crack down on it.)


What’s your favourite song? Dare by Gorrilaz

What’s your favourite film? Leon the Professional

What’s your worst fear? Wasps

Describe yourself in one word? Animated

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Sam Corlett – Sales Recruiter2

With hair like a Viking and crazy ping pong skills Sam Corlett is one of Primes most valued members of the team.  Having recently being promoted into a 360 recruiter role Sam has taken easily to managing both client and candidate relationships, he even originally set the record for the most amount of placements made in a month.

Being from the Wirral Sam is a strong supporter of Liverpool football club and listens to mostly acoustic/folk music he is also a massive rugby fan supporting Sale Sharks.


What’s your favourite song? Jailhouse rock by Elvis Presley

What’s your favourite film? Notting Hill

What’s your worst fear? Being sat next to Neil Clough at a target hitting meal

Describe yourself in one word? Branded

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Chris Thompson- Sales Resourcer 3

Primes’ very own comedian Chris Thompson, both a joking bundle of joy and an unstoppable force when it comes to recruitment. After completing his Marketing Management degree and joining the company earlier this year Chris has settled easily into his 180-recruitment role where he is responsible for: finding canidates, interviewing them, training them and placing them in job roles.

Outside the office Chris is a fan of home town team Middlesbrough FC this means he should be referred to as a ‘Smoggy’ not a ‘Geordie’ or ‘Mackam’ which he is keen to remind everyone. He is also a karaoke enthusiast and is a fan of his yogurts, in his own words he “loves a good yog.”


What’s your favourite song: ‘Twist and Shout’ by The Beatles or ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac

What’s your favourite film? City of God    

What’s your worst fear: Cheese

Describe yourself in one word: Chatterbox

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Cecile Green – Sales Resourcer picture3

Can often be seen doing handstands and the splits in the office Cecile is Primes’ newest recruiter and has already grown to be a key member of the team. After graduating MMU with a 2:1 in International Business Management Cecile has now moved to Prime in a 180-recruitment role where she is responsible for sourcing candidates as well as training and placing them in job roles.

In her free time Cecile is a fan of wine and dining, reality TV as well as cheesy musicals and will find any excuse to play them in the office.


What’s your favourite song? Wannabe by Spice Girls

What’s your favourite film? The Grinch

What’s your worst fear? Frogs

Describe yourself in one word? Chipper

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Jon Rossiter – Digital Marketing Executive picture100

Primes’ one and only Digital Marketing Executive Jon is responsible for managing Primes social media, writing articles and editing the This is Prime website (including doing all these team bios, even his own). Currently doing a Media degree at Sheffield Hallam University Jon is on his placement year and is Primes first ever student placement.

In his free time Jon is a huge music lover listening to anything from Drake to The Cribs and even King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (google them). He also enjoys relaxing at home in his dressing gown and sliders while watching the Australian soap Home and Away.


What’s your favourite song? All Star by Smashmouth or Jesus Walks by Kanye West

What’s your favourite film? Trainspotting

What’s your worst fear? Birds (specifically seagulls)

Describe yourself in one word? Clueless

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John the Dog (not to be mistaken with Jon the human)picture1

The company would not be standing without John the Dog. For legal reasons we cannot disclose exactly what he does for Prime but all you need to know is you don’t mess with John the Dog…

In his free time John the Dog enjoys: walks, chasing his own tail and Japanese martial arts films.


What’s your favourite song? Who Let The Dogs Out by Baha Men

What’s your favourite film? Karate Kid

What’s your worst fear? His own mortality

Describe yourself in one word? Spotty